Federation as a Service

Helping NRENs to build identity federations and deliver AAI services

Authentication and authorisation infrastructure (AAI) is one of the key differentiators between national research and education networking organisations (NRENs) and other network providers. Its provision aids the development and delivery of enhanced services to all users.

As the demands of researchers and research projects increase and international collaboration becomes the norm, the need for NRENs to provide effective, secure AAI is inevitable.

By offering AAI, NRENs provide essential value-added services to their users and those users can also take advantage of services and facilities offered by other NRENs. From ubiquitous eduroam access to advanced cloud computing platforms such as ~Okeanos global, AAI is an essential enabler for collaboration.

FaaS – helpin​​​g NRENs offer AAI services​​

The development and operation of a national identity federation is not a trivial activity and GÉANT’s Federation as a Service (FaaS) offering was created specially to help.

FaaS supports NRENs in building their identity federations by providing a hosted set of tools for operating their identity federation. FaaS offering was designed with special care on security, as a key enabler of trust in identity federations. In that way, NRENs can establish their federation following best current practices and focus on the development of service and identity provider systems to help rapidly build AAI in their region.

More information​​​​​​​​

To find out more about FaaS visit the FaaS wiki pages.​